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2021 yamaha superjet

After hearing rumors for many many years, Yamaha finally released the new ski for Many people have been concerned about this new ski after Kawasaki released the massive SXR back in The SXR was much larger than any other stand-up ever made. This caused the ski to be much less playful and more focused on racing. One positive of the SXR was the possibility of bringing new people into the sport since the ski is easier to ride and legal in more places.

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About three days before the actual release of all of the new Yamaha skis, this picture was released. This caused quite a bit of confusion. The location of the stand under the ski, the unfinished graphics, the aluminum handlepole, and of course the nose, all sparked controversy.

2021 yamaha superjet

Over the next few days a few more pictures happened to be released, but still the same questions arose. Will Yamaha release the new ski with no turf on the tops of the rails? Will it come with a factory aluminum handlepole? What will the graphics look like? Is that a prototype ski? Finally, on Wednesday we found out the truth…. The Yamaha website showed that the new four-stroke is exactly like the early released pictures.

It does have a factory aluminum handle pole, but no extra graphics or turf on the tops of the rails. You can get either Hydro-turf or Jettrim as replacements for the factory turf.

LG1 Designs has graphics kits for skis as well, so you can make the ski your own right off the bat. Now it seems like everybody has had time to adjust to the new ski and more people are tending to like it. Personally, I hope the ski helps bring more people into the sport. It will also be exciting to see the mods that people do and the possibility of high horsepower skis.

Other companies like High Speed Industries are a great place to get parts for any ski. We put links for aftermarket parts down below. Let us know what you think of the new Superjet in the comments! High Speed Industries — Send them a message on facebook. They will help you with anything you need and are very fast.

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Close Menu Home. The long awaited four-stroke Superjet is finally here! Finally, on Wednesday we found out the truth… The Yamaha website showed that the new four-stroke is exactly like the early released pictures. Where to get parts for your new Superjet or and ski: High Speed Industries — Send them a message on facebook.

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Like Loading Tags four-strokejet skistand upsuperjettwo-strokeYamaha. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.We will be offering a wide variety of handling components for this new, cutting edge watercraft to help elevate your ride. This all-new watercraft takes the feel of the SuperJet we have come to love and incorporates new, cutting-edge technology.

Weighing at only 70 lbs more than the two-stroke SuperJet — the all new fourstroke Yamaha SuperJet is here to make waves.

2021 yamaha superjet

Yamaha has dropped their all-new TR-1 powered fourstroke Superjet. It features a 3-position adjustable handle pole that can extend up to 50mm in length, an all new hull design and adjustable steering nozzle, and a reboarding grab handle in the tray. This all new watercraft is lbs lighter and 8. The highly-anticipated Hot Water Movie is finally here!

The first feature-length film focused solely on the sport of jetski ProWatercraft Racing designed the easiest and most cost effective way to gain top speed on your watercraft. These intake Pro Watercraft is excited to announce that we have made plans to sponsor one lucky rider in with Congrats on buying your first stand up JetSki!

She may be a little beat up and run a little funny, This futuristic nozzle is a blend of old technology with a Jet fighter modern look.

Yamaha SuperJet

This ProLite handlepole shaves 2 pounds Contact us for estimated ship times or for an order update. Thank you and stay safe! The new Yamaha fourstroke SuperJet is here! Share this post Facebook Email. Related Posts 20 Apr. Spark HX. Driven By Passion. We are the standup watercraft handling specialists. My Account Log In.Part of Yamaha's WaveRunner line of watercraft, it was introduced in and has become one of the most successful stand-up personal watercraft ever made.

Credit for the design is given to Clayton Jacobson II. Prior to the introduction of the new Kawasaki SX-R four stroke on October 6,it has been the only stand-up sold by a major manufacturer since the Kawasaki SX-R was discontinued in There are three engine generations spanning, andand three hull generations spanning, and The current model SuperJet is powered by a cc inline two-cylindertwo-stroke engine. All generations have an upper and lower hull constructed from SMC sheet molded compound.

SMC is a compression moldable composite material made of long strands of glass fibers suspended in a polyester resin. The Yamaha FX-1 is the only other stand-up personal watercraft produced by Yamaha, and was produced in limited numbers from On August 12, Yamaha released the new SuperJet. This is the first complete redesign from the ground up since the introduction inand marks 30 years of SuperJet history.

The hull is entirely new and it is now powered by Yamaha's 1,cc three-cylinder four-stroke TR-1 marine engine. For example, the letter year designation for the year for the SuperJet was the letter S, so a SuperJet manufactured in would have the designation SJS. The model year has the designation SJBT. There was not a specific amendment code associated with the hull refresh.

The SuperJet received an all-new cc two-cylinder engine. The body remains the same as the previous generation with a "Square nose" top deck and standard SuperJet bottom deck. The body consists of a new "Round nose" top deck or hull and the same standard SuperJet bottom deck as the previous "Square nose" model. The current SuperJet produced by Yamaha Motor and hand-built in Japan has been visually the same since The model was the first year of a new bottom deck, changed for the first time in the history of the SuperJet.

This watercraft no longer meets California or New York two-stroke emissions standards as a new vessel however, previously titled vessels can still be registered in CA. Purchasing a SuperJet new from a dealer will usually require a license from IJSBA as they are classified as a "competition use only" watercraft, partly due to stringent EPA regulations for two-stroke engines.Last Updated on September 29th, To the delight of many fans, Yamaha unveiled the brand new 4-stroke Superjet.

If you want to learn all about this amazing new standup, this post is for you. Are you wondering what the key features are of the new 4-stroke Superjet? The Superjet hull and deck were completely redesigned from scratch.

It safe to say that they succeeded to a great extent! However, the size of the hull is slightly larger to accommodate the bigger, 4-stroke engine. The hull was designed to be stable while offering the same sharp turns as its older brother. Beyond the abilities, the black and white design of the Superjet is minimalist and clean, but exciting at the same time:. This means that the new innovative hull is 3. Although this is a noticeable increase in size, the Yamaha Superjet is still significantly smaller than its competitor, the Kawasaki SX-Rwhich is 8.

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In this visual, you can compare the following stand-up PWCs side-by-side:. As all Krash PWCs are still powered with 2-stroke engines, these crafts are still much smaller and lighter compared to their competitor 4-stroke standups.

The net weight of the Yamaha Superjet is pounds, while its curb weight is no less than pounds. This means the new 4-stroke Superjet is 69 pounds heavier than its outgoing predecessor. On the other hand, its weight is still pounds less than the Kawasaki SX-R Not just its hull, but the features of the Yamaha Superjet have also been completely redesigned.

It comes with aftermarket-style handlebars and an adjustable handle pole, which can be extended up to 2 inches in length. The new Superjet features a bigger, 5-gallon fuel tank. This extended fuel capacity combined with the low fuel consumption of the 4-stroke engine results in a much longer riding time.Yamaha is bringing back the stand-up jet ski with its SuperJet. Since its launch, it has been a favorite of professional surfers, freestylers and closed course racers.

The SuperJet aims to please professional and recreational riders alike. At poundsthe white jet ski is one of the lightest models on the market. Its handle is height adjustable making it all the more accessible to people of different sizes. The SuperJet is powered by a 1,cc four-stroke TR-1 marine engine, which is more compact and fuel-efficient than its predecessor the MR If you enjoyed this story, check out this Kickstarter that wants to make building your own boat a lot more affordable.

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In The Know. Martha Stewart Living.The advent of the Yamaha SuperJet was a looong time coming. The ski is light, nimble and as agile as the outgoing 2-stroke. Above left: Yamaha kept the graphics to a minimum, letting its angular surface a blank canvas for enthusiasts to adorn with their own personal flare.

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Above right: Although our standup skills are closer to Dustin Hoffman than Dustin Motzouris, we gave the SuperJet our all, spending the better half of our day with the lineup on the standup alone. Thankfully, the endeavor was immensely rewarding, making the all-new SuperJet a most welcome entry for The hull gained a teardrop profile, flaring wide towards the front and slimming aft.

Deep chines provided greater straightline tracking, while the pump was moved farther back, backed by an extended rideplate. Powered by a cc 2-stroke, twin-cylinder fed by dual 38mm Mikuni carbs, the outgoing SuperJet remained untouched until last year. Bythe perennial standup had been restricted across much of the coastal United States; those who could sell it required buyers produce a official racing license issued by one of the many a sanctioning bodies. The result is a featherweight 3-piece composite plastic hood that serves as a water baffling airbox.

2021 yamaha superjet

Above: Ports in the baffled hood feed fresh outside air from the hood through crisscrossing tubes into the engine compartment.

Scott Watkins ensured that riders could quickly submarine the ski without fear of water ingestion. Worse off, legislation outlawed the ski outright in Australia. A cleaner, quieter standup was needed, and the clock was ticking.

The 3-cylinder four-stroke is the workhorse powering the majority of the EX Series and has plenty of torque to propel many of the larger VX Series as well. Initializing L-Mode requires the lanyard to be engaged, the ECU woken with a bump of the starter button which lights up the gas gaugeand pressing the Stop button two times. With the right powertrain in hand, the next step was developing the right hull and deck.

The final result is a ski that is pounds heavier, 7. Above: Throttle response is key to a successful 4-stroke standup, and the SuperJet has it in spades — but not in the way of the tear-your-arms-out-of-your-sockets SX-R. Rather, the SuperJet delivers a torquey measured response.

Unlike its competition, the SuperJet strikes a perfect balance — that of power-to-weight, responsiveness to body English, and genuine all-around enjoyment — that is sure to inspire a whole new generation of standup riders.Just last year, the total number of new vehicle sales excelled 87, units.

To meet this wave of newfound demand, Yamaha Motor Corp. Above right: The entire FX line returns unchanged forsave for new colors and decals — as well as many new accessory options. Deeper, wider, self-draining footwells, a wider rear swim platform and even a reshaped seat that radically improves rider comfort and ergonomics.

The reshaped saddle is 1. To accomplish this new seat arrangement, the redesigned VX uses a black plastic secondary deck panel — similar to those first used on the EX WaveRunners — that also allow for greater engine access when removed.

Passengers are also entreated with a resculpted rear seat and handrail as well. Above: Yamaha is rolling out a huge catalog of redesigned and returning accessories, including several soft-sided cargo bags and coolers.

The 4. Above: The new 4. Notice the 3-button sound system controls below the left-hand side of the handle bars. Above left: The redesigned deck for the VX and GP models feature deeper, wider and self-draining footwells.

Above right: marks the first year of factory-installed, hard-mounted speakers. The cases are either black or white, and color-matched to the deck of each unit.

Base storage is also up with a wider bow compartment for easier access; a more durable, high strength hinge and dampener; and a snap-top, water-resistant box found beneath the rear seat. Further features on the redesigned VX Series include the addition of the multi-mount accessory system; simply screw in a RAM ball-mount and you can attach any number of items, like a GPS, action camera, etc.

Above left: The redesigned deck also includes the largest and widest glovebox offered for the VX. These allow for a wide variety of accessorizing. To those unacquainted, the VX models share the same hull and deck molds as the performance-bred GP series, meaning the two series share similar handling and cornering characteristics. The differences between the two are in their material construction. Shaving off an impressive percent more weight from its NanoXcel predecessor, NanoXcel2 is also percent repairable without the use of special tools or materials too, and results in an automotive-grade Class A smooth, high-quality paintable surface.

A narrow, racy seat profile and deeper, wider self-draining footwells add towards superior rider posture and knee-placement. Add to that an all-new pistol grip-mounted, tilt-adjustable handlebars, and racers and performance enthusiasts alike are going to flip.

Above left: The naturally-aspirated GPR HO returns as well, gaining the redesigned intake grate and improved mid-ship balance via the retracted fuel tank. It automatically trims the bow down when decelerating for a tight corner, and trims back up to plane when accelerating out of the apex. Similarly, Launch Control toggles the trim down and gradually rises back up to the preset when accelerating quickly from a stop or idle speed. On top of this, Yamaha has developed an all-new top loader intake grate to reduce cavitation, as well as upgraded the jet pump transom that stabilizes the water flow through the jet pump.

Above left: With the redesign comes some niceties as well. All GPs are equipped with a wide folding swim step that butts up to a far wider swim platform. The upper deck includes a molded-in reboarding handle as well.

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